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WEEK 3 Back needs belly

Content: Network everything on the torso. Stretch and strength are a dream team.

Aids: Mat. If necessary: folded towel or juggling ball under the base of the skull.



The training program will be more intense. If you are one of those people who have back pain from time to time, regularly or even often, then it's time to devote disciplined attention to the abdominal muscles. There is little in the way of bone between the pelvis and the rib cage, so the spine needs all the support it can get from the muscles, and there is potentially plenty of it. When the muscles are flabby, you can see it in the bulges of the abdomen. Not so pretty, is it? Well then, let's get going. 

Fancy a little challenge? Report back to us and the other participants in the Facebook group. Do you find it easy or difficult to exercise regularly? Are you one of those who routinely work out every day? Are you one of those who have to get up and go? Do you need motivation and incentives from outside? We are eager to hear about your impulses

Hang in there, it gets easier with each workout, we promise.

See you next week...

Sincerely, your CANTIENICA® team

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