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WEEK 6 Stretched and powerful

Contents: Clamping. Force stretches. Cross-linking of deep muscles from sole to crown.

Aids: Mat, stool, wall.


Dear ,

You have completed 5 weeks of intensive training, bravo. If you have been exercising regularly up to this point, you can probably do the 6th sequence effortlessly. If you are one of those who have to cut corners for time, then sequence 6 is a concentrate of survival exercises. 

If your body regularly misses out in your daily routine, put 2 appointments per week on your calendar. Especially for you, the CANTIENICA® method is ideal. There is no more minimally invasive program than the CANTIENICA® training. Do it. Because you are worth it!! Double underline dates! In luminous colors. 

Is that what you need? A reminder on a regular basis? What we can offer right now is the Facebook group. Tell us what you need. Form a tandem with one of the 500 group members. 

And now for everyone: we recommend you do the full program two to three times a week.

Enjoy your new body image.

Keep at it. 

With best wishes,

Benita Cantieni and the CANTIENICA® team


PS: Please feel free to leave your wishes for the next online program with Andrea Alf :-)

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