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WEEK 5 Posture for pelvis, legs, buttocks

Content: Freedom for the joints. Networking for strength and beauty.
Tool: A free wall.



Hi Sandra,

Episode 5 might become your favorite workout. The focus is on the joints; mobility depends on their suppleness. With good alignment of the leg and arm axes, you can avoid friction in the hip and shoulder joints. Precise rotations in the joints is possible again with precise implementation of the instructions, pain can be made to disappear. If you know signs of wear and tear only from hearsay, so much the better. 

Enjoy the lightness of being. 

Please don't feel guilty if you haven't had time to work out. Catch up on your sessions at the next opportunity - or do two or three exercises from memory in between. The principles of the method can be transferred very well into everyday life. Try it out. Practice makes perfect. 

See you next week...

Cordially, your CANTIENICA® team

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