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WEEK 4 Stable and supple

Contents: Powerhouse pelvic floor. Stability and mobility for the back. Healthy hip joints. Lean strength for leg muscles.

Aids: Mat, foldable mat or pad for lower leg stand.


Hi ,

Anyone who has tried tango knows how important good basic tone is. Without tone, the transfer between dance partners is not really possible. If you like to move a lot, if you enjoy sports like dancing, jogging, horseback riding, golfing, swimming, hiking, archery, sailing, cycling, etc., you will enjoy quantum tonus. you will experience quantum leaps with cantienica's tensioning of the skeleton and trained deep muscles. 

If you share your progress with us, we'll be thrilled. You can network with other course participants in the Facebook group. See you there? 

Have fun and recharge your batteries!


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