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Online Training Overview

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WEEK 1 Get in Shape Sitting


We are pleased to welcome you here to the 6-week online course "CANTIENICA® Body in Evolution INTENSIVE PROGRAM".

Benita Cantieni has tailored the training sessions to frequently expressed customer requests. Claudia Brignola perfectly demonstrates the exercises. In the welcome video, the two women briefly introduce themselves and their work. 

Tips for a successful start:

  1. Watch videos, then you know what it's all about and what you need to train. 
  2. Set up a purposeful workout space to get started right away.
  3. Block out all distractions and immerse yourself in your body awareness, notice, feel limits. 
  4. Repeat exercises, enjoy changes. Gently keep at it where there is still resistance.
  5. Repeat regularly and enjoy the progress. 
  6. In the comments you can ask questions, tell us about your experiences or give us feedback.
  7. In the closed Facebook group, you can interact with other members and motivate each other.
  8. For support of a technical nature, Sandra Cantieni is at your side. 

We wish you much success with the intensive program and much pleasure with the well-deserved results.

Benita Cantieni and the CANTIENICA® Team


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